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Patient Reviews for Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Suzanne Quardt – Palm Springs | Palm Desert | Rancho Mirage

By Christine D., Encinitas, CA

My mother lives in Palm Springs and visits Dr. Q for her “lift-ups & touch-ups” as she calls them.  As far as my mom goes, she looks beautiful and never “over-done.”  She loves Dr. Q because she says she feels very comfortable and confident that the Doctor won’t make her look unnatural.

Last time I came out and visited, my mom talked me into coming with her to her appointment.  The office is beautiful and not “doctor’s office-y” at all.  There are beautiful chandeliers and furniture, but it didn’t feel snobby.  The woman at the front desk was beautiful and very friendly and welcoming.  I wasn’t planning on having anything done, but the Doctor and her staff told me about the light chemical peels.  I saw before and after photos, and decided to go for it.  The staff made me feel extremely comfortable.  In the next few days, I noticed my skin to be much smoother and the freckles I’ve acquired from my years in sunny California have dramatically lightened.

I was very hesitant about ever having something cosmetic done, but Doctor Q changed my view on it.  If I was to ever do anything again, I would definitely want to go back to her.  I think being a woman, she just somehow understood my concerns and nervousness more.

Thank you!


By Charissa F., Palm Desert, CA

I have seen Dr. Quardt now for over five years.  I consider it “repairs and maintenance”.  I think she is nothing short of amazing.  I started with surgery and then maintained with fillers, botox and laser.  I think it has greatly decreased the signs of aging, has given me great confidence, and increased my motivation to take care of myself.  I feel good about myself inside and out.  Dr. Quardt is trained in the latest and greatest techniques and is a highly regarded surgeon (she was Chief of Plastics at Eisenhower.)  She is compassionate and caring and can relate to her patients.  I talked to several doctors and evaluated them and my comfort level closely before I chose one.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish to speak to me directly for a reference.


by monique r., Los Angeles, CA

It has now been almost 3 months since my surgery and my recovery is going way better than anyone has ever seen.  I have a  large group of friends, a few of which have had breast reductions and they still have major scarring.  Mine is almost completely gone.  This is hard to imagine because I have dark skin and usually we scar worse than others.  At this rate, by summer I will not be able to see any scars at all.  I also have full feeling and sensitivity.  Sooo glad I chose Dr. Quardt.

by Stephen P., Palm Springs, CA

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Quardt. I do only visit for Botox but I find her friendly, kind, professional and skillful at her work. I would see her for something more if I ever feel the need.


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