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Liposuction For Your Abdomen / Tummy

Many people are unhappy about fatty pockets around their stomach that are resistant to diet or exercise. Today liposuction is the most sought-after type of

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Types of Liposuction

A plastic surgeon may use different liposuction techniques according to a patient’s unique needs. The technology that forms the basis of the fat removal process

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: Straightening a Crooked Nose

Patients with a slightly crooked nose may consider a surgical procedure to straighten it. This nose surgery involves the surgeon reducing some bone or cartilage,

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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: Correcting The Radix of The Nose

Dorsal hump or bump reduction is sometimes undertaken as a part of rhinoplasty plastic surgery. A pseudo-hump or low radix is also a variation of

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps can occur in many sizes and colors. They range between pink and brownish-yellow in color. Initially, nasal polyps appear as teardrops and slowly

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: Enlarged Turbinates

Rhinoplasty plastic surgery is an effective treatment for enlarged turbinates. Turbinates are long, narrow bones that project outwards from the sides of the septum inside

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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty plastic surgery can be performed using various techniques, depending on the unique anatomical and aesthetic needs of the patient. During the pre-op consultation, the

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Rhinoplasty Surgery: Nasal Fractures

Almost 40 percent of bone injuries in facial trauma patients are nose fractures. The treatment for the fracture commences with primary care involving evaluating the

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I had my breast implants placed in the 1970s or 1980s… What do I do now???

I am always amazed by how many women are completely unaware regarding having the status of their old implants evaluated medically by a Plastic Surgeon. 

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Breast Augmentation with Breastlift

Breast Sagging For women who have no “sagging” of their breasts, breast augmentation alone is sufficient.  However, many women have breasts that “droop” secondary to

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