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Non SurgicalEven in Palm Desert, the signs of aging eventually happen to all of us. You find yourself staring in the mirror at a tired looking face, wondering where your youth has vanished. Perhaps you begin to notice little horizontal wrinkles on your forehead or vertical frown lines in the shape of number elevens between your eyebrows. You now notice dark spots, uneven skin texture and tone, crow’s feet, little smile lines that have started to remain even when you’re not smiling or maybe even some sagging skin where plump youthful cheeks used to be.

It used to be that little could be done to turn back the hand of time without having surgery requiring discomfort and lengthy downtime. The good news is that things have changed. There are now a wide variety of procedures readily available for you to help regain your youth with almost little recovery and that can easily fit into your personal and professional schedule. For many of us, maintaining a young-looking appearance is almost mandatory. Feeling and looking good brings about strength and confidence and helps us to enjoy life. This is true particularly if you have career that relies on these qualities, as youth and appearance often can make a difference in the workplace.

Dr. Q is an expert in cosmetic non-surgical procedures in the Palm Desert area. Dr. Q offers you a unique selection of non-surgical procedures to reverse the signs of aging:

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures less invasive than surgery and are often performed in less than an hour and require little to no recovery. Some of these procedures do however carry certain risks that will be discussed with you during your consultation. Dr. Suzanne M. Quardt will help you decide which non-surgical procedure will be best to achieve your aesthetic goals and will assess your personal risks and benefits. Schedule your personal consultation today by calling our office at Tel: 760-324-2660
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