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Contact us TodayBreast Augmentation has been available for over 30 years and during that time continues to remain the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery performed.  Over the last few decades advancements in manufacturing, medical studies and surgical techniques have provided patients with a large amount of options allowing Dr. Suzanne Quardt to tailor a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs and desired outcome.  Many options are available for Breast Augmentation and include:

Manufacturer (Dr. Quardt only uses FDA approved breast implant manufacturers)

    • Allergan Natrelle – Allergan has been around for many years and has been supplying FDA approved, Natrelle breast implants, medical devices and injectable products like BOTOX Cosmetic and Juvederm.  Allergan also has an excellent cohesive gel product, the style 410 implant that Dr. Q offers in her practice.
    • Mentor – Mentor too has been in the medical device manufacturing industry for many years and has been a direct competitor to mentor with their somewhat evenly matched selection of FDA approved breast implants and implant devices.
    • Sientra – At Sientra, they understand dedication. That’s why they cater exclusively to board-certified plastic surgeons.

Type of Implant Fill Material

  • Cohesive Silicone Gel or “Gummy Bear Implants” – This silicone is manufactured to be thicker in consistency to prevent “spread” if implant rupture occurs.
  • Standard Silicone Gel – Silicone gel has been widely used as the most natural feeling choice and was the only option available up until the introduction of the Cohesive Gel.
  • Saline – Saline filled implants are currently the least popular, but have been used for many years and have been considered a very safe option.

Breast Implant Styles

  • High Profile – This style has a narrow base with more projection for a rounder look and is often recommended for small-framed patients who want larger breasts.
  • Medium or Moderate Profile – This is currently the most common choice selected and has a medium base and moderate projection for a full, youthful appearance.
  • Low Profile – This style has a wide base with low projection offering a very natural shape.

Breast Implant Shapes

  • Round – This implant is perfectly round and symmetrical, and is the most common implant type, often used for cosmetic procedures.
  • Anatomical, Shaped or Tear Drop – This implant is shaped like a natural breast with the bottom having more fullness and the top having a sloped shape.  This implant is most commonly used for post mastectomy reconstruction or for patients who desire a very natural shape.

Implant Shell

  • Smooth – The outer shell of implant is smooth which is most common for round implants.
  • Textured – The outer shell of the implant is textured which is most common in shaped or tear drop implants to allow the implants to “stick” and not shift in the pocket.

As a Breast Augmentation Specialist, Dr. Quardt, or Dr. Q, has helped hundreds of women achieve their aesthetic goals in the Palm Desert CA area.  Dr. Q is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is known for her exceptional credentials, excellent reputation and kind bedside manner. To schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Q, contact our office today.  Our team is excited to help you and looks forward to hearing from you soon!


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