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Looking as good as we feel on the inside often starts with the desire to improve the aesthetics of our face.  In Palm Desert many factors can play a role in the way we look and feel about our most seen features, those of the face, head and neck.  Aging, genetics, excessive sun exposure, weight gain and loss, stress and many other life experiences may make us unsatisfied with many of our facial features including our face, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, ears and skin. Genetics may have given us a large hump on our nose, a deficient chin, protruding ears and thin skin with poor elasticity.  Environmental factors and again may result in deep lines and wrinkles, bags or puffiness under our eyes, hooded or heavy upper eyelids, undefined facial contours, thinned-out cheeks and lips, unwanted fatty deposits under our chins, and sagging skin known as jowls at the cheeks, jaw and neck.

For those in the Palm Desert area, Dr. Suzanne M. Quardt offers a wide selection of the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, head and neck.  Dr. Q also offers facial surgery options in combination with non-surgical options such as laser treatments and cosmetic injections to achieve more optimal results, lessening the appearance of undesired facial features and to help you regain an improved, more attractive appearance.

Facial surgeries available at Dr. Q Plastic Surgery include:

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To help you make a decision as to which procedure would be best help you reach your aesthetic goals, we recommend a thorough consultation with Dr. Q.  She will gladly assess your personal risk factors and discuss the benefits about the latest facial cosmetic surgical procedures that we offer.   We invite you to schedule your personal, comprehensive consultation today by calling our office at Tel: 760-324-2660 to learn more about the facial surgery services  and minimally invasive facial treatments available and which ones might be appropriate for you.

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