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Some people are able to achieve toned bodies through exercise and healthy diets. However, no amount of physical activity or dietary control can improve loose, sagging skin or uneven body contours. Body contouring surgery is one option for people whose skin and underlying tissue has lost its natural elasticity due to massive weight loss, pregnancy, aging, sun damage, genetics or other reasons.

If your abdomen, buttocks, groin, thighs, breasts or upper arms sag or droop, you may consider body contouring for a solution. Body contouring not only removes excess skin and fat deposits, it also improves the tone of the tissue beneath. Body contouring can also improve the appearance of cellulite that leaves you with dimpled, uneven skin.

Body contouring refers to a group of procedures that target different areas of the body. Dr. Quardt will sit down with you to discuss your problem areas and your goals for the surgery. Common body contouring procedures include:

Mommy makeovers” feature a combination of body contouring procedures specifically tailored to women looking to return the abdomen and breasts closer to their pre-maternity appearance.

Whenever possible, for all body contouring procedures, Dr. Quardt makes incisions in places that will be hidden by clothes.

If you are mainly looking to reduce fat in one or more of these areas rather than improve skin elasticity, you may benefit from liposuction instead of body contouring surgery. However, many patients need a combination of excess skin removal and fat sculpting. In those cases, Dr. Quardt performs liposuction at the time of body contouring.

Body Augmentation

In addition, Dr. Quardt offers several procedures to augment or reshape the body’s natural curves. These include:

Talk to Dr. Quardt to learn more about the body contouring  services she offers and which ones might be appropriate for you.

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