Your skin is your body’s primary protective barrier against UV rays, wind, and environmental pollution, but over time, exposure to these elements be extremely damaging to both the health and appearance of the skin.  This environmental damage is exacerbated by the forces of gravity and the aging process, triggering the development of fine lines and wrinkles, unappealing dark spots, rough/uneven skin texture, and a tired appearance.  In past years, individuals who were unhappy with their damaged, tired, aging skin faced a stark choice: undergo invasive and harsh surgical procedures or simply put up with these unwelcome aesthetic developments.  Luckily, revolutionary new skin rejuvenation technologies such as the eMatrix Complete Sublative Rejuvenation™ system offer us a significantly better option.  EMatrix harnesses the power of radio frequency heat energy to “jump start” your body’s healing capabilities, stimulating the growth of new collagen and skin cells to give you a refreshed, youthful appearance without the side effects and downtime associated with harsh chemical peels and invasive surgical procedures.

Dr. Suzanne Quardt and her staff at Dr. Q Plastic Surgery pride themselves on offering a wide variety of state-of-the-art rejuvenation tools to ensure that all patients receive the treatment procedure(s) best suited to address their individual needs and achieve their unique aesthetic goals.  Dr. Quardt is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive expertise in both surgical and non-surgical anti-aging treatments.  “Dr. Q”, as she is affectionately called by her patients, will listen carefully to your aesthetic concerns and will design a customized skin rejuvenation treatment plan to protect your skin from future damage while helping you achieve and maintain a refreshed, youthful, naturally beautiful appearance.


EMatrix Complete Sublative Regeneration™ harnesses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency (RF) technology to deliver focused bursts of heat deep into the dermis, well below the outer layer of skin.  The RF energy is delivered through the epidermis via a matrix of 64 electrodes on a clean, disposable applicator tip.  This matrix formation minimizes disruption to the epidermis, allowing the healthy skin cells around the delivery sites to accelerate the body’s natural healing process and significantly boost the rejuvenating effects of the treatment.  Delivering the heat energy directly into the dermis also maximizes the stimulation of collagen where it is needed most, which facilitates the replacement of dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new, healthy cells.  As the body’s natural healing mechanism takes over, the new skin cells fill in mild to moderate wrinkles, minimize the appearance of skin discolorations, and help to create a smooth, youthfully taut skin surface!

This revolutionary RF-based treatment system is safe for all skin types and can be comfortably completed in the comfort of the Dr. Q Plastic Surgery office.  A typical treatment takes 10-20 minutes, during which time patients may experience a warm, prickly sensation in the target area.  Some patients find a cooling treatment or topical anesthetic ointment during the procedure helpful and relaxing.  Post-procedure downtime is minimal, although after the treatment, patients may notice that their skin has a pink or red appearance and that it both looks and feels like a mild sunburn.  These side effects are usually very minor and fade quickly, revealing improved skin tone and texture as the body begins to produce new collagen and healthy skin cells.  For maximum benefits, three treatments 4-6 weeks apart are recommended.



The warm, comfortable atmosphere at Dr. Q Plastic Surgery is the perfect place for you to improve the look and feel of your skin and embrace your youthful, rejuvenated appearance!  Dr. Q is a Board Certified plastic surgeon with broad experience implementing the latest in cutting-edge, non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  She and the technicians at Dr. Q Plastic Surgery will work with you to understand your aesthetic goals and create a specific, tailored plan to achieve those goals.  If you would like additional information on the eMatrix Complete Sublative Rejuvenation system and how it could benefit you, please contact Dr. Q Plastic Surgery today.  We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Q.

To learn more about the plastic surgery treatments and procedures performed by Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q) please contact us at  760-324-2660.

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