Patient 10 Breast Revision Before and After Photos

Procedure: Breast Revision*

Patient is a lovely 42 year-old Hispanic lady with history of primary breast augmentation back in 1996 by another surgeon.  She had Mentor, 300 cc Moderate Profile textured gel implants placed in the subglandular position.  She went from an A-cup to a small C-cup.  She then developed some severe, sytemic complaints that included headaches and joint pains.   She had an extensive medical workup for any rheumatologic disorder and unfortunately, no definitive diagnosis was elicited.  She underwent explantation of her original implants by another plastic surgeon in April of 2012 with the hopes that she might feel better.  However, her symptoms turned out not to be related to her old breast implants.  Her symptoms improved with alternative therapies, and then this patient complained of being unhappy with the size and deflated appearance of her breasts after explantation.  She desired revisional surgery to improve the fullness and shape.  She underwent re-augmentation in the sub-muscular plane with Sientra, highly-cohesive, textured, round 350 Moderate Profile silicone gel implants and is so far very happy with her results!

Front View:


Left Oblique View:


Right Side View:

* Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


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