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Forever Young BBL Anti Aging Treatment

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Dr. Suzanne Quardt, popularly known as Dr. Q, is a fellowship trained, board certified plastic surgeon. She is an active member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgery. She is an expert in cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical techniques.

Patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and surrounding communities who are looking for an experienced cosmetic surgeon may seek a consultation with Dr. Q. She has also been featured in leading publications such as New Beauty Magazine and Plastic Surgery Practice.

What is Forever Young BBL?

BBL or BroadBand Light is an innovative non-invasive technology to reduce the signs of aging and achieve skin rejuvenation without the need for plastic surgery. The technology comprises a unique flash lamp, Smart Filters, Finesse Adapters, and precision thermoelectric cooling. The advanced dual lamp technology delivers the required amount of energy to enhance the appearance of the skin in the targeted area without cosmetic surgery.

Forever Young BBL Anti Aging Before and After Photos:

Forever Young BBL Anti Aging Treatment

Unlike many other non-invasive treatments, the broad range of wavelengths of Forever Young BBL enable precise treatment of a number of skin conditions without the requirement of additional equipment. The system includes flexible Finesse Adapters that allow for treatment in hard to reach areas. This ensures even looking results throughout the treated area.

BBL technology has received clearance from the FDA for the treatment of several skin conditions such as benign pigmented lesions, cutaneous lesions, cutaneous vascular lesions, hair reduction, and pustular inflammatory acne vulgaris. The treatment has not yet been FDA cleared for changing gene expression or anti-aging. However, there is already scientific evidence available to suggest that regular maintenance treatment with Forever Young BBL can delay the aging process of the skin and functionally rejuvenate skin.

Stanford Study on BBL Effectiveness

A study titled “Rejuvenation of Gene Expression Pattern of Aged Human Skin by Broadband Light Treatment” led by dermatologist Dr. Anne Lynn S. Chang of the Stanford University School of Medicine became the first scientific study to demonstrate that BBL therapy can restore gene expression pattern of aging skin to resemble younger looking skin. More than a thousand gene expressions became rejuvenated, as observed in the study. They resembled youthful skin due to reduced elastosis and a more evenly distributed collagen deposition. Improvements in pigmentation and fine wrinkles were visible.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, supported the hypothesis that aging regulators can be altered in the skin with the help of BBL technology to induce a functional change, and not just a cosmetic appearance of youthful skin. The study indicated that the appearance of youthful skin could be due to the differences observed in gene expression patterns of aging skin resembling more like younger skin. Treatments from the study were performed on the FDA cleared Sciton Joule employing the BBL module.

The results of the study revealed that the molecular changes that are promoted by BBL treatment can help improve the appearance of sun spots, acne, freckles and several vascular conditions. Patients in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and other places who are looking for alternatives to a cosmetic surgeon’s treatments may consider Forever Young BBL technology. Many patients are already asking for BBL treatment to promote a rejuvenated and youthful looking appearance. Dr. Chang’s is the first study to show the effects of BBL on human skin, though previously its effectiveness has already been demonstrated on animal skin.

Advantages of Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL is the only technology that has been demonstrated to have caused the change of expression in genes associated with longevity, aging and increased lifespan. This non-invasive treatment adopts a radically different approach from other treatments, including various plastic surgery procedures. With regular treatment sessions with Forever Young BBL, the patient’s skin can continue to look smoother, clearer and more youthful.

The treatment does not involve any downtime, and the patient is ready to resume his or her regular routine immediately. This makes it a treatment of choice for working people and busy moms who are reluctant to choose traditional cosmetic surgery treatments because of the potential risks and recovery period involves. Results with BBL treatment are long lasting, and studies have included patients who received treatment 10 years ago or even earlier.

Unlike a typical surgery procedure from a plastic surgeon, the BBL treatment time is much shorter. The procedure does not involve anesthesia or IV sedation, and the patient can remain comfortable throughout the treatment session. The average treatment time for the full face is about 15 minutes. The treatment is effective on all areas of the body.

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