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Lip Augmentation and Enhancement Procedure

Lip Augmentation and Enhancement ProcedureLip Augmentation and Enhancement Procedure

Lip Augmentation or Lip enhancement is a form, and sub-type of plastic surgery. This particular form of surgery falls under the larger domain of plastic surgery, but is technically called cosmetic surgery. It is the aesthetic re-structuring of the lips in order to make it more enhanced and supposedly attractive. People generally undergo surgical procedures to gain a perfectly structured pair of lips. The procedure of lip augmentation renders the lips fuller, and supple which is considered to represent the pinnacle of beauty and fertility in most cultures.


In the process of lip augmentation, a cosmetic surgeon typically injects a fluidic substance into the lips, enlarging them in size. The fluidic substance injected into the lips is a type of hyaluronic acid. Specifically Juvederm and Restylane, are the types of acid that are recently the craze amongst cosmetic surgeons for lip enhancements. This process is highly sought after by consumers looking to undergo lip enhancement procedures. It is especially true of the North American market.

Medical clinics, commonly known as medical spas, or aesthetic spas such as Dr. Suzanne Quardt or ‘Dr. Q’ from Dr. Q plastic surgery in Palm Springs, Palm Desert , Rancho Mirage cater to exactly these needs.

Juvederm is the most commonly used fluidic lip implant in North America for the purpose of lip augmentation. The reason behind this is because the implant allows for a more natural look and feel to the consumer. Additionally Juvederm has proven to be completely innocuous to the patients’ general health and well-being. Speech impediments have occurred in the past with other forms of implants like silicone, however, it hasn’t occurred so far in the case of Juvederm.

In the case of Juvederm used as a filler, the process takes about half an hour until completion. During the process, a cosmetic surgeon may inject the filler equally and strategically in properly measured points on the persons lip. This would fill up the lip equally so it may avoid an uneven structure.

The major advantage of a filler or injection is that it is painless as most of the time the filler that is injected acts as a local numbing agent too. This means that there isn’t a need for any additional injections or anesthesia during the process. There is however, a numbing cream applied on the surface of the lips in order to avoid any pain. This is more of a contingency measure.

Another added advantage of juvederm over silicone implants is the fact that there is absolutely no surgical process required. It is very basic, and the implants last between 6 months to over a year depending on various physical factors of the person.

The recovery period for this procedure takes less than 24 hours. However, the time taken for a final and best result of the procedure takes upto a week. Ice packs applied to the lip as frequently as possible hastens the recovery process and enables a better looking result.

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