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Cost of a Liposuction

Cost of a Liposuction – Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage | Palm Desert

Cost of a LiposuctionStubborn unwanted fat that doesn’t respond to rigorous exercise or diet plans, can be easily removed through a liposuction cosmetic surgery. The surgery typically caters to getting rid of excess fat in the neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs, buttock and face, to give them a more desirable contour. Having said that, liposuction cannot be used to remove cellulite from the body, as it is only used to treat the excess fat. All said and done, the big question is, how much does a liposuction cost?

What’s the average cost of a liposuction?

Cost consideration are crucial when you’re working on a budget for your plastic surgery. While choosing a good plastic surgeon is probably where you’d want to start out, looking for an affordable surgery is just as important. Dr. Suzanne Quardt, an experienced plastic surgeon of Palm Springs, says that the cost of a liposuction surgery depends on a wide range of factors, which explains the discrepancy in its price across facilities. The costs are predominantly governed by the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, surgical facility charges, pre-op test fees, cost of post-op garments and medications. The location and the experience of your cosmetic surgeon, are factors that cause a huge margin in the fee, while the liposuction technique used, affects it too.

Its average cost can range anywhere between $2000 and $7000. And this cost, corresponds to getting a liposuction done only in one area. The costs can increase by $1200-$4000, for every addition of another body part for the surgery. These costs don’t cover all the expenses though. You still need to take into account, the anesthesia fee, fee from lab tests and post-surgery garment fee, while estimating the total cost.

How to budget your liposuction surgery?

Some cosmetic surgeons provide package offers, which work out in a more cost-effective way, if you’re looking at getting a liposuction done in multiple areas. These deals provide a flat fee option for expenses that come from anesthesia fee and operating facility charges. This way, the patient can undergo the surgery in multiple areas, without individually paying out the additional charges each time.

Liposuction, like other plastic surgeries is usually not covered by insurance. If you’re undergoing a liposuction to aesthetically improve your appearance, your insurance company will not tend to the costs. But if it is performed to deal with medical conditions, such as lipoma, some insurance agencies might cover the expenses. Anyway, talk to your insurance agent for any clarifications on the same.

Benefits of a liposuction surgery

Liposuction helps in improving the body shape by getting rid of unwanted layers of fat. Health issues that stem from excess, unnecessary body fat, can be stopped through this. It is also considered to be a safe method, as it shows very few complications. While a healthy diet plan can help in keeping fat at bay, some areas may pose problems due to the presence of stubborn fat, which can be dealt with through a liposuction plastic surgery. Some individuals who undergo the procedure also report a reduction in the formation of cellulite after surgery, although the procedure doesn’t exclusively tend to cellulite.

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