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How much does Breast Implant Exchange Surgery Cost?

How much does Breast Implant Exchange Surgery Cost?Breast implant exchange procedure may be required at some stage after the primary breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Many women want the exchange procedure to have new implants of a different size or type, while in some cases the implant may be damaged and require replacement. During the initial consultation, the breast revision surgeon will discuss all aspects of the procedure, including its estimated costs.

Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q) is a board certified plastic surgeon providing breast implant exchange surgery and various other procedures. Dr. Q’s first goal will be to educate the patient about the procedure and help her to make a well-considered decision. She provides breast implant exchange surgery to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and surrounding communities.

Financial Aspects

The monetary amount of breast implant exchange plastic surgery may often be a little higher than the cost of the primary augmentation procedure. The exchange procedure can be more complex, and must only be performed by a fully trained and experienced surgeon who has performed revision surgeries previously.

The new implants may cost more than the original ones, depending on the type of implants chosen. Nowadays ultra-cohesive silicone implant qualities are available, which are superior but relatively more expensive. In several cases, the implant exchange procedure may have to be accompanied by breast lift surgery. This will add to the costs, but the results can be highly attractive and natural looking.

Factors Impacting the Cost

The price tag for breast implant exchange procedure will usually vary from one surgical practice to another. A number of factors may be responsible for such difference. An important aspect will be the geographical location of the practice. If the practice is located in a major metropolitan area or a prime urban center, it will usually have higher costs because the overall cost of living index in such areas will be higher.

The skill and experience of the operating surgeon will typically influence how much fee they may charge for the procedure. The advantage of choosing an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon is that they have advanced training and invest in latest techniques, ongoing education and the latest safety protocols to create the best outcomes. Therefore, the surgeon’s fee should be a secondary consideration when selecting a surgeon for breast implant exchange surgery.

If the procedure is performed using general anesthesia, it will involve the fee of the anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist. Their fee may vary according to their skills and qualifications.

The surgical procedure may be performed at a hospital, an ambulatory surgical center or a private surgical suite. The costs and benefits under each option may vary. Dedicated cosmetic surgeon Dr. Q receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and nearby areas for breast implant exchange.

Financing Options

Most patients will be eligible for third party financing of breast implant exchange surgery through professional medical care finance firms. These firms offer specially designed loans for elective cosmetic procedures, which will have competitive interest rates, quick loan approvals, and easy monthly installment plans.

To learn more about the plastic surgery treatments and procedures performed by Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q) please contact us at 760-324-2660. To learn more about Dr. Q’s Medical Spa please visit

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