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Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery can increase the size of a woman’s breasts giving her a more voluptuous figure and enhancing her self-confidence.

Breast augmentation usually produces long-lasting outcomes. The patient should meticulously research all aspects of the surgery before going ahead with the breast enhancement procedure.

Prior to the surgery, the patient should have clarity on how the surgery is performed, what are the possible risks of complications and what is the recovery duration. She should also learn more about the surgeon’s background and credentials to feel more confident on their decision about the breast augmentation.

The patient should ideally enlist any questions and concerns that she has beforehand and carry this list to the breast surgeon’s office for the consultation appointment. Kind board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Suzanne Quardt (Dr. Q) provides breast augmentation to patients in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and surrounding communities across the horizon.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

After the patient has made a decision to undergo the breast enhancement surgery, identifying the most suitable surgeon is a crucial decision. She may ask the surgeon the following questions during the initial consultation:

Are you a certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

When a patient chooses a board certified plastic surgeon, she has an automatic assurance that the surgeon is well-trained in the area of plastic surgery and has passed rigorous standards to be certified.

Have you performed breast surgeries previously, including breast augmentation?

Plastic surgery is a vast field with various types of surgical procedures. While a surgeon may be excellent at certain types of procedures, they may not necessarily have the expertise to perform breast augmentation surgery.

What is the rate of post-op complications in surgeries that you perform, and what types of complications occur most commonly?

While breast augmentation is a low-risk surgery, complications from the procedure do arise. Capsular contracture is a common complication along with the rejection of the implant by the body. The patient should confirm the plastic surgeon’s success rate in breast augmentation procedures before going ahead with the surgery.

Questions to Ask after Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

After the patient chooses a plastic surgeon for her breast augmentation procedure, she should still actively participate in her surgical planning process. Furthermore, the patient should ask the following questions for more desirable results and a quicker recovery:

Do you recommend saline or silicone implants?

Choosing the right implant type is essential. Surgeons have varying opinions on which type of implant is better. Regardless, the patient should have an input in the decision on implants. Therefore, she should ask her surgeon to enumerate the advantages and limitations of each implant type.

What size, shape, and texture do you recommend?

Breast implants are individualized for every patient. The determination of the best implant type for a particular patient depends on her natural breast size, desired results, and skin thickness. The patient should have a say in this decision.

Where will you place the incisions?

Breast augmentation has four standard incision patterns. Each incision is cautiously planned and placed to make sure that any potential scarring is minimally visible. The surgeon will choose an incision type depending on the patient’s implant, body type, and breast size.

Reliable cosmetic surgeon Dr. Q receives patients from Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and other cities and towns in this region of SoCal for breast augmentation surgery.

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