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Most people know what liposuction is, but not everyone has heard of a related procedure called liposculpture. Liposculpture refers to a technique where Dr. Quardt removes and sculpts fat in a particular area of the body to produce a more desirable contour. This can make your muscles look more sleek and defined.
Men are particularly suited to liposculpture for several reasons. For the most part, men’s skin has more collagen and elastin fibers than women’s, which helps produce tighter skin after liposuction. Plus, liposculpture is easier to perform when producing contours that are typically considered masculine.

Dr. Quardt most frequently performs liposculpture for men on the love handles, flanks, abdomen, chest (such as pectoral augmentation or male breast reduction for gynecomastia), face and neck (facial liposuction), knees and ankles. Performing at the same time as liposculpture allows Dr. Quardt to augment one area while slimming down another to further enhance the body’s contours. After liposculpture, the muscles—such as the abdominal muscles, obliques and pectorals (pecs)—appear flatter, larger and more defined. One advantage of liposculpture over traditional liposuction is the lower risk of unevenness or lumpiness beneath the skin as well as loose skin once the fat is removed.

Some men who want to augment the muscle as well as sculpt the fat may consider implant procedures such as calf implants and pectoral implants.

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