Patient 6 Breast Revision Before and After Photos

Procedure: Breast Revision*

Patient is a pleasant and extremely fit 41 year-old female who underwent previous breast augmentation by another surgeon back in 2004.  She subsequently developed bottoming out of the left breast implant and had them removed 3 months later.  She underwent re-augmentation with subpectoral placement of 325 cc High Profile Gel implants in December of 2010 with revisions bilaterally by another surgeon.  She then developed a capsular contracture (hardening) of the right breast and a high-riding fold on the right side, and underwent another revision in June of 2011 consisting of capsulectomy of the right breast, removal of the old 325 cc implants and replacements with larger 425 cc HP gels by another surgeon.  She then developed increasing bottoming-out of the implant on the left side with lowering of the inframammary fold over time.  She desired correction of the inframammary fold on the left with some tightening of the pocket laterally as well. 


She underwent revision of her left breast with elevation and securing of the left inframammary fold to her underlying rib periosteum, and capsulorrhaphies to tighten up the left pocket.  She is thrilled with her result.

Front View:


Side View:


Oblique View:

* Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


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