Patient 4 Breast Augmentation Saline Before and After Photos

Procedure: Breast Augmentation Saline*

Patient is a pleasant 18-year-old female who desired larger breasts and wanted them to look “even”.  Patient stated that she  “hated her breasts” and felt very self-conscious, and didn’t like to be seen without a top or bra on.  She wore about a 34 B-cup bra and desired natural-appearing, full C-cup breasts.  She had severe asymmetry with a constricted breast deformity, as well as high inframammary folds.  She had Grade I ptosis on the left, and Grade II ptosis on the right, with about a cup-size difference between her breasts.  Due to her young age and severe asymmetry, she was a good candidate for saline breast implants.

She had Natrelle, smooth, round, High Profile (HP) saline implants placed in the “Dual-plane” (partial submuscular) position- (Right side filled to 380 cc, and Left side filled to 430 cc for size symmetry) via upper, peri-areolar incisions, as well as a Right-sided Crescent Mastopexy to lift the right-sided nipple-areola complex.

Front View:


Side View:


Oblique View:

* Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


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