Patient 1 Body Contouring Post Massive Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Procedure: Body Contouring Post massive weight loss*

Patient is a lovely, healthy 47-year-old professional mother who presented complaining of her sagging abdomen and breasts after childbirth, breastfeeding then undergoing massive weight-loss of about 65 pounds status-post laparoscopic gastric-bypass surgery.  She exercised regularly, and had a stable weight of about 189 pounds for several months.  She wanted to improve the contour of her abdomen that remained saggy due to excess skin and stria.  She had about “D”-cup breasts that she thought were too low and saggy, and desired to have fuller and perky, approximately full “C” to small “D”-cup breasts.  She also desired to undergo both the Abdominoplasty as well as the Breast Augmentation with Breastlifts in  the same surgical setting with one recovery period.  She had Natrelle, Style 20, High-Profile, Smooth, Round, Silicone Gel (350cc) Implants placed in the “Dual-Plane” plane on each side, with full, “anchor”-type (“inverted-T”) mastopexies as well as total Abdominoplasty with rectus muscle plications.  This was done safely in a single surgery.  She healed well without problem.

Oblique View:


Front View:

* Results are not guaranteed or guaranteed to be permanent.


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